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Lichterketten an Haus und Balkon

In der Adventszeit verwandeln sich viele Häuser wieder in ein festliches...

Tenant Service Forms

Here you can contact ABAKUS Immobilien.Choose the proper form from the list below depending on your concern.



You want to send us an information or a wish?

Just use this form prepared.

     >> Notice

Not just by fire, water, storm and hail damage can be in your home or at the house, which should be remedied immediately. Also errosion or incorrect use can lead to damages. Please inform us immediately if you notice your environment to change. Please describe your observations as accurately as possible and give us possible dates when craftsmen could come to you.
Simply use the form prepared.

     >> Repair Service

You should exercise to ensure the heating company's date of meter reading. If you are interrupted by illness or other urgent circumstances and have missed the reading, you can read the devices in your house for yourself over a period of up to four weeks later.
When reading the electronic heating distributor please note "Memory" value, ie the number before the letter M appears.
ATTENTION: evaporators to the radiators can not even be read, because the fluid tubes are to be exchanged. In this case, a new appointment with the heating company is inevitable.

     >> Meter reading for your heating


You want to like a dear pet?
Please ask in advance whether the livestock in your dwelling is allowed. Basically you need to know that a pet of any harassment of the other tenants should expect.
To make the purchase, please only after written consent and contractual agreement. Take advantage of easy application to the prepared form below.

     >> Animals

Shall we remove a task?
You grant us the permit, the monthly rent from your account. Then you have nothing more to worry about.

     >> Bank Draft Authorization

You have changed your bank?
Tell us please change soon, so that you receive the distribution of rent overage, or credits from annual accounts without delay.

     >> Change of Bank Account

Your phone number or e-mail address has changed?
Use the prepared form to send us the major changes immediately. Only with correct contact information, we can guarantee the important information exchange with you.

     >> Change of Contact Data

Are you looking for another apartment?
ABAKUS real estate agency can help you for sure.

     >> Apartement search

You feel good in your apartment and your friends probably want a nice apartment to rent? If your recommendation causes a minimum one-year lease / purchase agreement with an apartment tenant / purchaser in a property managed ABAKUS site, you will receive a premium of up to € 25.00 from us. The amount of the premium depends on the monthly rent. Please use only the prepared form for recommendations.

     >> Recommendation

You feel good in your home and now want a good setting for your vehicle? If you provide us to send the prepared form, we will consider if we can offer you a parking place near your house.

     >> Garage / Parking Place

Do you need additional keys for your rental space?
Orders can be simply prepared using the form here.
Please rename the key number engraved on your previously used key. When ordering locking systems a delivery time of about 2 weeks shall be provided.

     >> Additional Keys